Unable to reset account to new address

Dear Bulb Team.

I was a customer at my last address, and am also one at my new address. I was happy with the service and price. Since there was an overlap on the addresses I could not use your moving house function.

You have now closed the debit and account on the old address correctly, but the email address remains associated with that account and old address. Consequently i cannot log details for the new address including updated meter readings and payment details. Any login attempt leads to a blocked/closed account page (fully settled and paid).

Please confirm how i can reset the account to the new address or associate the email address with the new address. All i can get to is “this account is now closed”.

This is unbelievably frustrating and stressful. I can’t be the only customer to havd been in this position. I see others in the forum who had the same experience with no online path to resolution.

You customer service remaibs unreachable in c-19 times and emaiks to customer service remain unanswered.

Finally, no payment routes other than Direct Debit seem available in the interim, and a DD cannot be set up because no account access is possible for the aforementioned reasons.

What is the route to resolving this issue?

Kind regards


Hi @richard8

Thank you for joining the community page :tada:

I can see the two accounts are linked so when you log in there should be a drop down box, if you click on the arrow you should be able to go between the two addresses.

You can log in here. If you have any issues accessing the account still please let me know and I will send you a reset password.

You can also set up a payment method for the new property in the account.