Unable to submit an electric meter reading

Bulb are my gas and and electric service provider. I was until recently i was able to submit Gas and Electric meter readings. I can now only submit Gas and apparently I have a smart meter (I don’t) Which is calculating my electric. I tried to go to bills and add from there but have no electric meter reading icon. I need this fixed

Hi @Angie11 - welcome to community :wave:

So your electricity meter is smart and we have been receiving readings since the end of October, but we’ll still need you to submit gas readings.

The layout has changed slightly in the Bulb account, but if you go into the ‘Energy Usage’ section and scroll down, there’s the option to submit readings manually there.

– Meg :bulb:

Brilliant. As I don’t have a smart meter. It was never set up properly 3 years ago and has been sitting in a drawer ever since. So can you explain how its getting meter readings? Yeah and the option to submit meter readings through my energy usage only has option to input gas.

And can I add the sensor for the smart meter ( In the drawer) is also not connected to the meter. as that’s also in the drawer. I need to question the accuracy of the meter readings,

Hi Megan
As I stated in my initial post. I do not have a smart meter and there is no sensor attached to my wiring. I have no idea where your getting smart meter readings from as they are certainly not coming from my meter. I have taken pictures of my meter to prove this. I have also been taking pictures of the digital display incase I need to involve Ofgem to have this issue resolved.

Angela Hendry

When you say you don’t have a smart meter it is in the drawer that is your ihd (in home display) and if you have got an ihd then you will have a smart meter fitted. Doesn’t matter if the ihd is connected to the smart meter or not, the ihd is for your information and makes no difference to how the meter works.

Hi @Angie11

@Smart_fitter is right here, the meters that are fitted to your wall are the smart meters that we’re talking about and the meters that we are getting the readings from. Your smart meters were installed by use on the 30th December 2019. There should be a sticker or a piece of card either next to or on the meter that details the exchange.

Your In Home Display (IHD) might not be working, but we’ll still be able to take readings.

– Meg :bulb: