Unable to submit gas meter reading

I have recently joined bulb (electricity and gas). I have submitted my electricity meter reading, but I can’t submit my gas reading - it does not appear on the page as an option.

Does this mean my account will start from an estimated reading for gas? Why can’t I submit a reading?

Hey @r24 Welcome to Bulbs community :bulb:

Thanks for switching to us.

I have taken a look at the account and can see we did not locate your gas meter when you switched.

This basically means that your meter was not listed similarly to your electric on the national database, we did send an email across about this a few weeks back but we are sorry that only electric has switched for now.

To fix this, all I will need is a picture of your meter/ copy of a gas bill and I will connect gas to your account. :house:

I will be emailing you today on the next steps.


Hi Carl, thanks for the message. I have replied to the original email with a copy of my gas bill.

My first bill to Bulb included a payment for gas. If this was not switched, why was I charged for it?