Unable to submit meter readings (desktop or mobile)

Hi, for some reason I am unable to submit gas or electric meter readings online via website or via mobile app, the links don’t do anything.

Is this just me or has this feature been disabled for now?


Nope, on bulbs homepage (desktop) its the first option

Just had a thought, it might be the case that you had gen 1 smart meters that have now been connected, so the option is not there?

No not on a smart meter and the options are visable but when clicking them nothing happens, same on mobile app

What in the world?

Bulb can you fix your website thanks :slight_smile:

Yup looks like bulbs backend is dead…

Seems to be back up now…

I can click Submit Meter Reading, and get prompted Electric/Gas, and it follows through to the normal reading page.

That’s what I get on my account (still do), and on the IOS app the links don’t actually do anything

In your browser, logged in to your Bulb account, try these in a new tab:

Give Electric Reading
Give Gas Reading

contact bulb for an account reset, if they don’t respond to your post

Hi @scottbrown1972

Sorry to see you’re having a bit of trouble submitting your reads online. Seems we’re having a few technical gremlins on your account, so I’m going to email you about this to troubleshoot them together :japanese_ogre: :crossed_swords: