Unable to switch tariff

Hey Bulb crew, I’ve been wanting to switch from the vari-fair onto the EV tariff since my flat has an immersion heater and other bits designed for off peak electricity.

The tariff page says they’re still setting up my smart meter in the system and to wait for my next statement, which has since arrived. Is there anything else I need to do to nudge it along?

Heya @tapp.1993, thanks for taking the time to post on Community. :wave:

So I’ve taken a look at your account and can see that your first smart bill only came through a few days ago. It can take a couple of weeks from this being accepted to the EV tariff becoming available, so please give it another 10 days. I’ve taken a look and your account is otherwise eligible, so it’s just about waiting for the confirmation to come through.

– Miriam :electric_plug: