Unable to update IHD3

I have been struggling to update my IHD3 display, which is currently only displaying my gas usage intermittently.
It shows ‘waiting for current data’ when not giving the expected usage info. A reboot normally restores the display, but not for long.
The display does not give any electricity readings at all. In fact it cannot be switched between gas and electricity, ever.
Despite having looked everywhere, I haven’t found any way of updating my unit. There is no option to connect with my WiFi router available via the menu/O.K. button. How does anyone update their IHD when it cannot connect to the internet?
I strongly suspect the IHD to be faulty.
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

yours could be the old style of ihd3, but heres the instructions just in case

I think you are missing the point of my post.
I have read bulb’s ‘Connecting your smart Meyer’s IHD to Wi-Fi…’ etc.
If you have read my query properly you will have realised that THERE IS NO OPTION TO CONNECT WITH WI-FI AVAILABLE on the IHD.
Your reply to my post has done nothing to help anyone.
I have still to find out how to update the IHD’s firmware when it can not connect to the internet.
My smart meters (SMETS2) and IHD were supplied/fitted by OVO in 2018.
I still think the IHD is faulty.

oh dear, you are a miserable person, i see you are living up to your name.
I’ts not all about you on here

Thank you for your help.
I still need to know how to update my IHD when there is no ‘connect to wi-fi’ option to be found using the menu/O.K. button.
If you cannot help, just say so.

Just a guess,the early IHD 3’s don’t have the option to connect to WiFi

If that is the case I need to know how to get my IHD replaced, please.

You need to contact Bulb but their stock answer will be that non are available.Good luck.

Thanks Johno for the ‘heads up’.
The IHD has been relegated to the junk cupboard for the foreseeable future.
I realize that not everything works fine first time round, but I think it’s not out of the question for bulb to keep their customers informed when there’s development problems that are being addressed.
Posting on their blog a couple of times a year is just not good enough. Two or three times a month would go a lot further in keeping their customers feeling a lot more involved, which would also mean less customers switching supplier.

Why would you put the IHD in the junk cupboard when you are looking to receive the functionality from it?

If there is no option to pair to WiFi then unfortunately you must have one of the early basic models. If you call Bulb they will most likely replace it for you.

Once connected to WiFi firmware upgrades are possible that are helping to solve some of the issues members have seen.

I have called bulb, more than just once. There is nothing more that I can do. I have been told to reset my IHD by rebooting it, and then waiting 48 hours, which I have done. Nothing changes. It still doesn’t work.
Enough is enough. I cannot resolve the infrastructure shortfalls.
I remember when mobile phones first became the new technology, the coverage took a few years to become what it is today. I suspect that is going to be the same case with smart meters communicating with their respective energy companies.
My IHD stays where it is. I’m too old to worry about it anymore.