Unable to view current energy account, but can see an old closed a/c

Hi, When I log into my account using my laptop it only shows an old closed a/c for another property that I am LL for, it does not show my home address. I am also unable to see my account on the Bulb App on my phone. Has anyone else experienced this? I had a similar problem a month or two ago but cannot remember how it was resolved, or if it just fixed itself (I think the latter). Thanks, Tim

Has anyone else experienced this?

Pretty much everyone who at some point has had more than one property supplied by Bulb.

There’s nothing you can do yourself to fix it, and you’re not doing anything wrong. You’ll need to contact Bulb by private communication (as opposed to via this public forum) and give them the information (account email addresses, physical property addresses) and they’ll sort it all out for you.

Hi Hooloovoo,

Thanks for your response. I have emailed bulb direct and I am awaiting their reply. Appears they don’t operate over the weekend.