Unacceptable failure to respond

The charges for energy do not match the energy consumed, I have reviewed the bills and energy used and I have overpaid by £800.83 over the last 10 months.

I have raised this issue with Bulb fourteen days ago, there has been no response. This is a serious matter that requires urgent attention and I have significant concerns with their failure to respond.

Hi @audvisfx, welcome to the Bulb community. I have assigned your support request to myself and will investigate for you tomorrow.

James W :slight_smile:

Are these estimated bills or are they from actual meter readings?

These are actual meter readings. When checked, the meter reading when multipled by the tariff and added to the standing charges are approximately £800 higher than my actual consumed gas and Electricity. Its frustrating that 2 weeks after raising this issue, Bulb have not had the courtesy to respond.

Think James has responded just above my query

Yes, just spotted that, hopefully that should move things on. Thanks

I see Bulb have now picked this up, but purely as another customer I’m intrigued.

Since the bill involves fairly simple maths, it’s easy to check and confirm if everything is correct. Is it both the electric and the gas that are affected by the error? If it’s just the gas, are you remembering to convert the raw meter units into kWh? It would be interesting to see your opening and closing meter readings and where you think such a large error might be coming from. Your statements show you all the working out for your bill, so you should be able to identify where the mathematical error is occurring.