Unacceptable increase

My statement says im in credit but also that my d/d is going to be increased by a significant amount WHY???

Because of the massive increase in all tariffs, in line with the price cap, from 1st April.

Actually the d/d increase is a recommended amount. I have just increased mine but entered a figure less than recommended and less than the minimum. I entered a figure based on my own calculations of the new tariffs which was accepted.

Wow I’ve adjusted payment and was accepted. Thank you

I also adjusted my dd recommendation to a halfway point between last month and bulbs suggest, still fell into debit today. When they wake up and are back at desks Im asking for termination of contract and supply.
Wholesalers cannot control the market.

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Recent news explains it all, and the wholesale market is the main problem apart from Russia/Ukraine and Brexit!


OMG the brexiteers are shining in glory right now

Had 3 different rises in 1 month was paying £134 then took £217 March 1st then had an email to say another increase to £275 And last week further increase to £308 :disappointed:I just changed my direct debit to £240 won’t let me lower any more should I ring them ?or pay it so confusing

I had the same thing spoke to someone on the chat line have asked to be put in variable DD, need to be careful though as you pay what you spend and need to be aware of the increased price hikes.

What does that mean different payment each month?thanks

It’s not popular with Bulb but you don’t have to have a direct debit set up. You can actually submit meter readings every month and pay for exactly what you use. I had lots of debate with them about it but I pay for what I actually get at the supermarket etc so they’ve no business taking more of my money than they’re owed.

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Yes it does that’s why you have to be careful.

Hi @Busymum2three :wave: Welcome to Community,

It sounds like we had reviewed your payments ahead of our price change announcement, we typically will try to review payments twice a year.

We then announced the price rise coming into effect on April 1st and reviewed all member’s payments to ensure their usage would be covered by the new tariff. I can see you then submitted some meter readings that were higher than our estimates, this means your annual usage has been higher than we thought which is why you will have done a further payment increase.

If you would prefer, we can set you up to pay via variable direct debit. With this, you keep the direct debit active and after your monthly statement, we take a payment from you within 14 days.

If you choose this option, your payments will change each month, which can make it a bit harder to budget and keep track.

It is also important that you submit readings every month, if you don’t have a smart meter, so we can bill and charge you accurately.

If you would like to pay this way then please let me know and I can set it up for you.

– KT :bulb:

I had a call from Bulb today actually pressuring me into ditching Direct Debit and switching to a new scheme where like janeforbeshamilton said you just pay for what you use. It’s the first time a company has tried to convince me not to use Direct Debit!

Very pushy, salesy type call. I asked for everything in writing first because it felt like there should be a catch but I wasn’t sure what it was.

Yes, getting everything in writing is essential. I had my debate via emails so it all got documented. To clarify though, I don’t have any direct debit or payment scheme set up. I simply submit meter readings and when my bill is calculated, I pay it by debit card. I want to keep the payment on MY terms.


Thanks for the reply janeforbeshamilton. Yes that sounds like what they want me to do: ditch the Direct Debit and pay with debit card each month instead. I think that’s preferable anyway - was just surprised they were pushing in that direction.

Bad time to change , talk to Bulb Email them but stay where you are a new supplier from the 1st of April will take your eyes out ,