Unbelievable debit amount for gas consumption in my statement

I got an email yesterday containing my Energy bill for 3rd April - 3rd May 2022 and was shockingly billed £815.01 for gas use only , and £118.51 for Electricity use. I challenge this billing in its entirety. My monthly DD used to be £94.77, how did I manage to consume this amount especially gas consumption in a space of 1 month.

I remember submitting a meter reading online on 21st April 2022, could this be the reason??? I have not submitted any online reading since my IHD Smart meter parked up about a year ago shortly after installation. I suppose Bulb have not been getting my readings since then, and I get constantly billed to the tune of my DD amount of £94.77. The differential in readings between “Bulb Estimate (622)” and “Customer Read (1587)” for my gas meter reading is highly inexplicable. Or am I doing something wrong?

Also does it mean Bulb is using the new tarriff introduced in April 2022 to calculate my past usages that I didn’t submit online for almost a year now??? that’s not fair.

I have plans of changing house sometimes June ending, and I wouldn’t want this billing hanging on my neck by then. Can someone kindly help look into this complaint and help resolve.

If you submitted a recent reading after a year of estimates, it looks like Bulb is catching up? Maybe the estimates were too low?

Thanks for your response Anton. I feel very bad for not submitting the readings earlier, now they’re using the new tarrif (activated April 1st, 2022) to charge me for energy used in the past.

No! They can not. You need to tell them to adjust the bill so that usage up to 31 March is at the previous rates. I guess that usage will also be estimated, but that is a figure you can discuss (argue) with Bulb. You can check your bill to see if indeed they have charged the entire bill at the new rates.

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As your bill is entirely for April, they are likely to have done so.

You need to get in touch with them (which might prove tricky), and explain that you’ve gone a long time without an actual meter reading, and ask them to rebill back to the previous actual meter reading.

That should result in them estimating how much was on the old tariff and how much on the new.

This has happened to me this month. In March I submitted a manual reading of about 6000 and bulb made an estimated reading that was about 1500 less on 1st April. They have then charged me over £500 for the month of April-May. Usual usage is about £90 combined. Hope you get a resolution.

Hi Weir, How did you then handle this? Were you able to get a resolution???

Hi Steve, Thanks for your response. I called, and they still insisted I’m gonna pay what they charged. Can I contact Citizens Advice Bureau to help intervene?

Thanks Anton, I have called them, and they still insist I’ll have to pay the recent tariff. Is there any way I can go about this eazy?

You need to initially complain to Bulb


If you don’t get a satisfactory resolution, you can go to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will insist you exhaust all avenues with Bulb first, so use the email address above to begin with.

Hi Laykon,

I sent them an email and it was sorted the next day. Apparently they had randomly generated an estimated reading for electricity which was around 1500 units less than the readings I submitted a few days prior. I had an engineer out about a week after the estimated reading and he submitted another reading. They charged me for the 1500 units which was only 10 days apart. Once that was pointed out they refunded my credit and generated a new statement. Have you checked your previous readings to see if this has happened?