Underground Smart Meter - Will it be able to connect to the WAN?

Hello, I’m planning to get a smart meter installed in a couple of weeks time. Unfortunately, my meter is located in an underground carpark where I can’t get a mobile signal. Will the Home Area Network (HAN) help my meter connect to the network? How does it work?

From what I have read, a Smart Meter will not work without a good cell phone signal. But I may be wrong. I will never have a SM installed as I do not like them, too much information for big brother again.

Are you in “the north” or “the south”?

In “the south” smart meters use the cell phone signal, so if there’s no mobile signal on any network then there’s no chance it’ll work.

In “the north” smart meters use a dedicated long-range radio network, which might work but I’d say more than likely not.

The HAN is just a local network for communication between your meters and your IHD, it has nothing to do with the data uplink. If the meter is some distance away from your flat, which it sounds like it is, then you wont have a working IHD either.

Far more information available from your internet connection. Do you trust your internet supplier? Readings from your meters are of practically no consequence compared to the granularity of what websites you visit and when.

I am in the South.

I thought there was some way that SMETS 2 could use a mesh until it finds a device that has an uplink to the to the DCC? Was wondering if I could do something with a Zigbee extender or come up with some other solution.

Zigbee is just for the local connections via the HAN.

Not sure about mesh networking, but lets face it even SMETS2 meters in good signal areas aren’t working properly so it’s unlikely anything more complicated will work yet. Do you know if there any even any other devices nearby to mesh with?