Understanding current dashboard and statement

So I’ve just received my latest statement overview, can’t download it atm for some reason. It shows that I’ve been regularly paying but for some reason there is no record of how much has gone out! As you can imagine my credit is therefore high but ultimately incorrect. I’ve had a smart meter for both gas and electric for 2 years and up until this year I’ve had no problem with the info. Can anyone help please?

Hey @jonandboo - nice to see you on Community again!

It looks like you didn’t receive bills from us for a while- it looks like this was due to some data needing to be updated about your smart meters as it looks like you were on the 3 rate tariff for a while.

My colleague Jude managed to fix this for you, but as this will be a consolidated bill for the period you didn’t receive them from us do to the technical error, we’re double checking it to make sure it’s all correct and up to date.

This is checked by our ops team so you should receive it within the next week or so.

This is also why the credit is high as you mentioned, as the bills haven’t come through yet- keep an eye out this week but Jude should also be in touch when its resolved as well :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

Thanks holly_at_bulb. That makes sense. I hope I’m still on the peak/off-peak rates system.
I’ll keep an eye out for my bill.