understanding smart gas meter

Hi i read you article about reading the smart gas meter, mine reads 02194 this i understand, and a couple of other numbers, but the bottom line says i am £89 in credit, my nov and dec bills were £109&£104 so can you tell me is this credit and why ,i pay monthly D/D billpaid

Hi @Rosemarie49, Bulb do not currently utilise the smart functionality of any meters so if your smart gas meter say’s you’re in credit, this will be outstanding credit from your old supplier, or simply an old figure that is no longer relevant.

With Bulb you need to read your meter manually and the credit on your account will only be shown in MyBulb and the Bulb Apps.

@Rosemarie49 I was going to look at your account, but I can’t find it based on the email address that’s connected to your Community account. DM me if you’d like to discuss your account specifically, and please let me know your name and property’s address.

The broad answer I’d give is identical to @mowcius’s.