Unexpected bill

So last month my bill came in around £46. This months has just came in, last night when I checken my account was £117 in credit but when I got an email this morning I now over around £37?! And it’s saying my bill was £101 this month with my gas being £51 of that bill. I’m confused by this as since the start of June my heating has been on 3 times for roughly less than 30 minutes due to the weather. This is substantially less than how much I had it on last month yet my bill is more than double the price. Help?

Hi there @Km5613 it looks like you gave us a meter reading this month for your gas, and it had been a few months since the last one. That meant that we’d estimated your readings for a few months, then when you gave us a reading it looked like we’d been underestimating your usage, and we had to ‘catch up’ to where your gas usage actually was. You might have used that gas a few months ago, but we didn’t know about it until this month, if that makes sense?

David, I think that there’s something wrong with last bills. I’ve got the same problem - I don’t know why, but on last bill you charge me for two months except for one (the usage is counted not from 28/05 to 26/06 but from 28/04 to 26/06). Also there’s standing charge for 59 days so I would be very happy if someone can take a look at this and fix it, I don’t want to pay for the same energy twice :slight_smile:

Yes I just got a bill for twice what I was expecting, despite having been away two weeks with everything turned off, and with the heating off outside that period. Been proving meter readings as well so it cannot be an estimate error.

@IwonaB Hey. You’re right that you received a two month bill - but don’t worry! We made sure you weren’t charged twice as we credited the 28/4 - 27/5 bill back to you. This appears as a “credit note” on your bill and online account.

@Nstar2000 Hi there. Similar for you - we produced a two month bill, after we credited the first month back to you.

There are a couple of reasons that sometimes we produce these consolidated statements. Often, it’s because we receive more up to date information about the bill, e.g. more recent readings, more up to date info about how much energy each unit of gas produces, etc. If we have to do this, we always make sure that we credit the orginal statement back to you so you are never double charged.