Unexpected final bill

I have received an email from Bulb saying my account is being closed. I did not request a change of supplier and my account is in credit. I waited over an hour for the chat line with no reply. I am aware that the company is in financial difficulty, are they going out of business?

Just got a reply from Bulb Help. My account is now not being closed, apparently it was all a mistake.

@Dave_Kent, unfortunately as all a new supplier needs to switch things over is meter details, it’s pretty commonplace for people to accidentally switch the wrong person’s meters.
It happens pretty frequently in shared buildings and occasionally with people in houses just accidentally giving the wrong details or meters being assigned to the wrong addresses in new build developments.

Happy to hear you got it all sorted.

Well there’s a phew moment. Glad it’s sorted for you.

Hi @Dave_Kent

Sorry for any confusion here. @mowcius is right, if someone tries to sign up to a different energy supplier and selects your address it because of an erroneous transfer. This is easy to reverse though.

We’re also not in financial difficulty and our team of energy specialists are here from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. I’m sorry that you were left waiting on our chat service. That doesn’t sound right to me. We usually respond within a minute! I am sorry that you experienced bad service on this occasion.