Unexplained £5 usage overnight

After noticing an unexplained £5 daily charge when we were on holiday, I recently switched to 30 minute interval smart readings. I noticed a huge surge in electricity charged overnight (from midnight to 6am).

Heating is oil and is off anyway. I turned all the appliances off standby, all outside lights, fans, etc off. I think have covered everything and still no idea what this extra usage can be. We have a Klargester (septic) and obv a fridge freezer but they are on 24 hrs a day. This doesn’t make sense…

Any ideas?

I have the same, looking at the graph I use between £2-4 a day and then randomly a couple of nights ago I apparently used £8.

Also apparently had an admin error on my account which put me on the wrong tariff.

What I have also noticed is that the usage charts show different usage on my phone to the one online!

Hope Bulb can get this sorted ASAP. So far I have just received emails that do not explain the issues at all or how they are going to solve it… yet i’m still being billed.

The app and graphs are in beta and unreliable and I wouldn’t put much faith in the IHD either. I’d suggest looking at your actual meter if usage is a concern.

Hi @Confusedbulbuser and @warry_01 :wave: Welcome to Community,

@norman7115 is correct, our app is still in the beta trial phase with the usage graphs and so sometimes the data can be inaccurate/not up to date. The IHD has also been known to have some discrepancies with displaying your actual usage.

Both these usage trackers should become more accurate with time as tech advances are made within the smart industry.

You may both also be noticing an increase in your monthly spend as Bulbs tariff increased on April 1st.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

If there were updates/advances in smart features is there anything you think would be interesting to see?

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your help. Yes it does seem to be that the tracking is a little delayed. Although the hours do not specifically correlate, we did conclude that this expense was due to our AGA and have promptly turned it off for the summer!