Unfinished Smart Meter Installation


We had an installation of smart meters (gas and electric) back in March 2019, unfortunately during the install an issue with the gas meter prevent a full completion of the installation, this resulted in only the electric meter sucesfully sending reading back to yourselves and the IHD (gen 2) was not configured at all and is currently of no use.

I’ve been sending manual gas readings regulary for over 2 years and having sent a helpdesk request email for information on when the install would be completed in May of this year, I’ve still had no response at all.

Can someone please update me on when the installation will be completed?



Hey @david8488 :wave:

It sounds like the meter hasn’t been commissioned- this means it hasn’t fully connected to the smart network. Sometimes we may need to attempt to remotely commission a meter. This just means the engineer wasn’t able to complete the connection at the time, but we can sometimes run this from our end to get the meter working or figure out what the issue is.

I’ve sent a reply to your email to see if this will be possible and we’ll get back to you with the next steps :blush: