Unfortunately leaving Bulb - how long for final bill and credit?

We moved house yesterday and supplied meter readings via email. Could anyone advise how long it will take to receive my final bill and credit (should definitely be a credit). Thanks!

Hi @julie8666, just emailed you back, sorry we were a bit slow on the draw there. We’ll send the final bill + refund outstanding credit within about 2 weeks.


Not sure if I’ll get a reply quicker via email (sent earlier this morning) or on here. Is there any update on my final bill and credit? I was told two weeks and could really do with the money asap.


Hi Julie, as we haven’t had many payments from you we need your account number and sort code to arrange refund, please call us on 0300 30 30 635 and we can arrange refund immediately. Thanks

I provided them via email two weeks ago but will call tomorrow morning. I’m assuming this will delay the payment even more? I’ve now been waiting over two weeks, only got billed yesterday for some reason. This isn’t the service I expect when Bulb are usually so responsive.

Oh and an email alert or some sort of notification would be helpful when you respond in the community forum as I’ve only received this message as logged in to check.

Hi @julie8666 – sorry you’ve had to contact us on so many channels to sort this. I believe we’ve resolved everything now. We’re processing the final statement refund today.

I believe you can choose to receive email notifications when you’re mentioned in a comment by changing your notification preferences. See the pic I’ve attached.