Unhappy with poor service

When I joined bulb, probably close to two years ago, I was told that my first generation British Gas smart meter could be replaced shortly with a Bulb compliant meter.

I waited for many months to fall in a rollout area only to find that I now will have to wait for an unknown amount of time longer until my first generation meter is made to work with Bulb.

I trusted Bulb to deliver what it said it would and to be honest I feel cheated.

The need for regular meter readings - Bulb has only sent somebody to read the meter once - is unacceptable when I was told that I would be eligible for a smart meter service.

It is very inconvenient for us to have to submit manual readings and this is why we had a British Gas smart meter installed in the first place.

Has anybody had success in asking Bulb to install a compatible smart meter to replace an incompatible one?

bulb will not be replacing smets1 meters. They and the DCC are hoping to have them singing and dancing on the smart network sometime this year?
They can already read some smets1 meters (SECURE branded)

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Thank you.

Bulb didn’t install new meters when the option did exist. When I joined Bulb I was told that my existing meter could be replaced, in due course, so that I didn’t lose smart meter functionality.

Many months later and Bulb was still unable to offer a meter upgrade in my area. This was because of Bulb’s rollout.

It’s now a very convenient excuse for Bulb to identify a national project to upgrade the existing meter network.

I don’t think there’s anything to prevent bulb from changing the meters of customers who want the smart meter functions before the planned network upgrade. Perhaps for those customers who were initially told that Bulb would upgrade their meters.

I totally concur, bulbs excuse now is that OFGEM won’t allow them to exchange smets1 meters for smets2, so you must draw your own conclusions.
Happy ex-bulb customer!

Hi @Retty, as @skippy64 has said, we are unable to replace first generation (SMETS1) smart meters, as we are currently working, as a company and as an industry, to enrol all of these meters onto the Smart network. This process has begun and we’ve already got many Secure S1 meters enrolled and providing readings, which is fantastic.

You can read a little more about the reasoning behind us not replacing these meters from a post by my colleague Matthew.

Hi Lou

Last corresponded with you via e-mail on 7th October (Alexander from Bulb Help). Aside from being disappointed about your price increase, I also aired my frustration about smart meters - specifically the fact that the progress is SO SLOW, either getting the national infrastructure updated so that all SMETS1 meters become smart with all suppliers, or Bulb upgrading its customers onto SMETS2 meters.

I do understand that upgrading to SMETS2 meters is probably unviable for any energy supplier (despite their huge profits - I’m talking about the “Big 6”) so will not dwell on that option because I’m sure the response will just be a sugar-coated “no”.

For months now I have been checking back to Bulb’s smart meter eligibility page, which always gives me the same statement: “We’re working on ways to read it automatically. You already have a smart meter, and we’re working on ways for it to send meter readings automatically. We’ll be in touch when that happens.”

I suppose what I’m getting at with this post is that Bulb is just hiding behind this same blanket statement, and has been doing so for months, if not years, now. Can you at least give us a list of common SMETS1 smart meter models and the progress, and estimated completion date, each one is making in terms of its upgrade to smart functionality and automated half-hourly readings direct back to the supplier?

Bulb makes out that it is a transparent supplier, yet if it were truly transparent it would be providing its customers with more detailed information and regular progress updates towards the end goal, which is truly smart “smart” meters.

You must have some knowledgable people at Bulb, who are responsible for liaising/dealing with these upgrades, who can ciphon specific information down the hierarchy to Bulb’s customers?

Hey @smt,

Thank you so much for your post! I really appreciate some of the points you have raised, and want to give you the information that I have.

We are currently working really hard to enroll first generation smart meters as quick as possible. At the moment, we are enrolling various Secure brand SMETS1 meters with good success rates. This means that hopefully in the future we should be able to get other brands enrolled over the next year.

I can’t give you any more specifics about timeframes and other brands unfortunately, but when we are able to access your meter we’ll pop you an email and let you know that we’re enrolling it onto the smart network.

I hope this reply gives you a little more detail that you were looking for, sorry I can’t be even more specific - I would if I could!

Let me know if you have any more questions.