Unimpressed with "smart" meter

I was a happy Bulber on a dual fuel, dual rate electric tariff - until I had a “smart” meter installed a couple of weeks ago. Now I really wish I hadn’t agreed to have one. I am actually less aware of my energy usage than I was before.

There are two major issues which Bulb haven’t been able to fix yet, they just keep promising they will:

  1. The “smart” meter doesn’t seem to have been set up to reflect my dual rate tariff. I need the dual rate because I charge an electric car overnight and so actually use more electricity overnight than in the day (I also have solar panels which help to reduce my daytime consumption). The IHD only shows the one rate, and it’s the higher daytime rate, so I fear that I am being charged at the higher rate for all my electric consumption. I have no instructions for how to interpret the displays on the meter itself, but it’s certainly a lot more complicated and confusing than the old dual rate “dumb” meter I had before. Not happy!

  2. The IHD is supposed to show gas consumption, but it never has. The engineer who installed the equipment told me he wasn’t able to get the connection to/from the gas meter to work. Apparently there was/is some widespread problem at Bulb’s end. So if I want to see my gas consumption I have to go to the actual meter and press buttons to get a reading, which is harder than with the old dial meter!