Uninstall smart meter for analogue

I had a smart meter installed by previous electric supplier…conned into it…and my electric usage went up 133% . I have solar and have seen that european trials have recorded that this can cause misreads with 5 out of 9 smart meters. Can i get it changed back to an analogue meter…i am even willing to pay for it myself. I do not require a smart meter…i have monitored my electic usage at this property for the last 15 years so i know exactly what uses what i only need the unit and standing price to figure out the cost.

I doubt you’ll be able to go back to an analogue meter now…

What make/model is your current meter? As far as I’m aware no UK smart meters have issues with onsite generation. Mine certainly doesn’t.

Hi @Grumpygranny,

We can get your meter changed to an ordinary meter for you no problem. Unfortunately as the meter exchange isn’t because the meter is faulty it would cost £120.

Just give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm) if you’d like to get it swapped and we can get that booked in for you.

I think there sometimes can be an issue if the supplier wasn’t aware that you have solar panels @phproxy. As solar-panel owners should have a PV-generation meter that shows how much electricity their system is generating alongside their meter.


To be clear @“Pollyanna at Bulb”, the standard meter that you would install would presumably not be analogue, and therefore would read energy usage in the same manner as the smart meters being installed.

@Grumpygranny, it’s far more likely that your old analogue meter was not reading accurately, than the new meter reading incorrectly.

In the UK we have very strict testing requirements for energy meters, and none of the testing of the smart meters that you’re referring to is relevant to the UK rollout (as the manufacturers and testing procedures are different).

@mowcius yes this is correct, it wouldn’t be analogue and it also wouldn’t be a smart meter.

@Grumpygranny, @mowcius is correct that most new meters are accurate and when we perform accuracy tests on meters around 97% of them come back as correct. Sometimes there can be a fault but you can try and test this yourself by turning off your electricity and checking whether the meter is going up without any electricity being used. If it does go up that means it’s faulty and we can get that changed for you. :slight_smile:


I had a smart meter installed by previous electric supplier...conned into it..and my electric usage went up 133% .

Did your old analogue meter by any chance turn backwards when your solar array was generating more than you were consuming locally? Old meters didn’t have the necessary mechanical stop to prevent them turning backwards when exporting, and this results in the measured import of electricity to be much less than it should be. If a meter is known to be turning backwards when exporting it is required to report it to the energy supplier so the faulty meter can be replaced.

I suspect that this is what has happened, and since your new meter is now measuring your import and export correctly it has resulted in your measured import usage apparently increasing.

I’m interested in moving to you if I can get a non-smart meter at the cost of £120. Would you be able to confirm the make and model of meter you would be installing please? I have read some stories elsewhere of companies installing ‘standard’ meters which were in fact decommissioned smart meters or digital meters that have non-activated functions of a smart meter internally. I want it to be a true legacy style meter with a digital display. I don’t for one minute think you are being disingenuous I would just like to know what device it is before I go ahead. Many thanks