unknown money were taken from bulb

My name is Peiling Lee who used to be your customer, however, I moved out from UK so I closed the account (but still keep some balance in that account ), yesterday I found that you took more than 200 from my bank account (which I don’t know the reason band definitely too expensive for the last month bill fee which I barely used the electricity and everything )

Please let me know what just happened

Peiling Lee

I don’t know if you’re aware but you’ve posted on a customer forum visible to the entire internet. Did you think you were engaging in private communication with Bulb? You might want to edit out your personal details.

I’d advise contacting Bulb directly about your problem via any of the private communication methods detailed here: How to get in touch – Bulb

Is your account under multiple names?

Is it Lynn, Linda, or Peiling Lee? Something a bit odd here.