Unresponsive in home display screen

I have waited a very long time to get smart meters installed in my home and I finally had them put in today. Unfortunately the in home display screen won’t respond to touch properly and when it does it invariably opens up a menu option that is on the other side of the screen!?! It will not let me press the capital letter button on the WiFi password screen and the WPS function does not work. I have restarted it and cleared its data loads of times and it does nothing to sort it. During the day it has become gradually worse to the point that the home button no longer works and the rest of the menu options are hit and miss. It is completely unusable and not fit for purpose. Bulb said it takes 48 hours to connect to my meter. It’s not my meter connection at fault here. It is a dodgy display screen that should respond to menu navigation out of the box. I have sent a video showing it not working and I am still waiting to find out what they will do about it. Had this been a phone or similar with a dodgy screen I would have a new one on the way by now. Anyone else experienced this? I have emailed the CEO of Bulb and the Managing Director of the company who manufacture the in home displays and I am waiting on a response.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response from anyone :cold_face:

I’d say that the screen is incorrectly calibrated. Have you contacted customer support - live chat works ok for me.

They have admitted that it is defective. I’ve had to send it back to them and I am awaiting another. You can’t recalibrate the screens on them as there is no option to do this in the menu. Even if there was an option I wouldn’t be able to get to it as it does not respond to touch.

It’s taken a while but I now have a shiny new IHD display which actually works this time. Sadly you can’t just fire a new display up and hope it connects. You have to book a time slot with Bulb to commission it. All sorted now.