Unsubscription option for individual threads commented in.

In the subscription options, I can turn off notifications for all threads I’ve commented in, but is there an option to do this on a thread by thread basis?

There are only a couple of threads (such as the Android app trial, and smart meter trial) that I no longer want to get (site) notifications for. The others I wish to leave as is.

On a related note, the notification section is getting a bit ludicrous as the forums become more active. Can it not provide one notification per thread until my next visit to the conversation? I don’t need to see a new notification for every single reply when I haven’t been back to the thread.

Good question @mowcius. Not something that we can do currently, but definitely something we’ll look into in the community redesign. Great idea. Owen

Thanks @“Owen at Bulb”.

@“Andrew at Bulb” coincidentally provided a very similar answer in another thread!