Until Smart is available, may be useful.

It may help others: With my previous supplier I done my own spreadsheet which calculated my monthly bill, I managed to get it 100% accurate so was useful for comparing to what the supplier was charging.

As I monitored my readings monthly and did so for the last 4 years it gave me a good indicator of the current months bill. I actually put my readings in weekly so I could see the monthly bill build as the month progressed.

I am in the process of updating it to take account of Bulb costings, my new supplier.

Until smart meters are available some may find this useful for keeping tabs on their bill although I put the usual disclaimer… don’t hold me responsible for inaccuracies.

Should anyone require a copy then please message me or email although I will need one kind person to email me an actual monthly bill with any personal info deleted (a readable camera image would suffice) so I can fine tune the costings for accuracy as I will not get a bill to work from until late August. (I am in the process of switching)

In case anyone notices the individual elec / gas is more than the combined total on the bar chart that was due to discounts etc.

Could I have copy of the spread sheet please. Thanks received spead sheet which is great.

To message @scudo directly regarding getting a copy, you can send him a PM from here.

Posting personal email addresses publically on the internet is generally not considered to be a good idea…

@scudo you legend. CC @“Simone at Bulb” and @“Will at Bulb”

@scudo maybe you could just post the spreadsheet in an attachment on this thread, unless there’s personal information that you want to avoid posting online. @mowcius good shout about public posting of emails