Unused gas charged / heat pump

Bulb Charging for gas not used since boiler broke down May / June 2021. installed Gr source heat pump Nov 2021… Bulb still charging for untrue gas estimates tho I have submitted monthly identical gas meter reading for Since May 2021.
Bulb say costs £300 plus to remove gas meter, but until recently only charging few quid / month I estimated cheaper to pay this for a few years
Until …
Recent renamed contract with astronomical gas charges for NOT USING ANY! HELP!

Bulb say costs £300 plus to remove meter

It should be straightforward to get your bills sorted so you’re only billed for the standing charge since you stopped using the gas.

As for meter removal fees, there are suppliers who don’t charge. Off the top of my head, Octopus don’t currently charge, so you could always try switching to them then getting them to remove it.

Of course first check the latest situation re meter removal fees for them and other suppliers if you’re going down that route.

Thanks, Norman. I have been trying to get Bulb to accept I am using no gas, but they persist in “estimating” my usage in spite of monthly photo evidence for over 6 months of zero kWt hours.
I basically like Bulb as I do believe they are genuinely the greenest electricity supplier. I am taking it up with Citizens Advice and Which? but thought to publicise it here in case others have had similar experience and can share how they resolved it.

Hopefully someone from Bulb will see your post here and resolve the billing issue. If not, sending an email to complaints@bulb.co.uk would be the next step:

"If you’re not happy with us, then we want you to let us know.

You can make a complaint by:

  • emailing us at complaints@bulb.co.uk
  • calling us on 0300 30 30 635
  • writing to us at Bulb, 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TQ

Tell us about your complaint and how you’d like us to solve it. We’ll do what we can to help, and if necessary we’ll point you to an independent official such as the Energy Ombudsman, who will make sure we’ve treated your complaint fairly."

Other than sorting the billing, as a gesture of goodwill for over 6 months of needless hassle, Bulb could consider removing your gas meter free of charge.

Hi @pmoynagh and welcome to the community :wave:

As your gas meter is not using any units, if a reading is missed, our system will estimate. I have now updated the annual estimated usage so this should happen again if a reading is missed.

I have also reissued the latest statement which now shows no gas units used.

The engineering company we use sets the fees for meter jobs so we have no say over the cost to remove a meter. As @norman7115 pointed out, other suppliers have their own engineers and can set their own costings.

– Robyn :bulb: