Unusual call?

I’ve just had a call from an international number telling me that there have been over 70 complaints in my area about bulb & their meter readings not being accurate & therefore that is why I’m just getting estimates bills? He then said that I need to be upgraded to Gulf energy or something, then asked me to confirm my name & no doubt other details, so I said you’ve called me so you should know my name, he then said I need to confirm it, still not stating my name?? Phone call ceased, I’m assuming this is not bulb?

I’m assuming this is not bulb?

Of course it’s not Bulb. You really need to ask? Clearly a scammer.

No, obviously it’s not Bulb - but how have they got details of a Bulb customer? Wouldn’t have thought it was a big enough company to be coincidental…

I would report this, with the CLId used, to help@bulb.co.uk as a potential phishing attempt. At the very least, they should be able to flag your account in case a transfer request is put through, but hopefully they’ll relay this to the regulator and Gulf Energy for investigation.

@Andy_Pannell : Out of interest, have you, since switching to Bulb, used any comparison sites which asked for your current provider and telephone number?

Seems like Gulf blame it on brokers but you’re not the only one to experience it: