Unwanted emails

How do I stop emails from the ‘Bulb Community Team’ about referrals? I receive about 5 or 6 a day, and I can’t find any unsubscribe link.

Hi @david5289 I have unsubscribed you from our marketing mail list. This should do the trick. Happy bulbing!

I too want to be unsubscribed from all the unwanted newsletters and referral emails? why is there nowhere to manager mailings within my account? come May18 - GDPR law states that we must be able to subscribe and you have to adhere to it by law.

Hi @carolew1_ I have modified your preferences so you shouldn’t get any more community notifications - you can do that yourself by clicking on to your account preferences.

Regarding the emails we send you, some of them which tell you about recent blog posts and information about Bulb as a company, you can unsubscribe to at the bottom of the email, as you are right -this is marketing, and you can opt out of this at anytime - I have unsubscribed your from our end though, so don’t worry about that!

But emails that relate to your account, be that about changes in prices, your account information, or if any credit has been added to your account as a result of a referral, will be emailed to you, as it affects your account.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of that though!