Unwanted payment

You have put my Direct Debit up from £130 a month to £241 without informing me, i only knew when I opened my Bulb app up, I understand that the prices have increased but i only want to pay £180 a month and if its not enough will top up with a one off payment every time i get my bill.
I see you will be taking £242 tomorrow 7th April but i will allow this one but have requested to reduce it as from next month to £180 infact i would go to £200 max, my family are going to make efforts to reduce the costs.
If its not reduced for the May payment i will be cancelling my direct debit payment, i look forward to your reply.

Hello @Jefro179 Welcome to our community :wave:

With the credit balance and price change we had projected the account needed an increase in payment to keep it in a good place, we sent an email to you on the 25th Feb to explain this change and mentioned the increase in payment then.

We are sorry this payment is more than expected, your winter bills were quite high and this payment is ideally in place for 1 year so it allows you to build up enough credit for the winter period later this year when your bills will increase.

We can lower your payment to £217 at its lowest but you can also move to payment on receipt of the bill if you wish - this is where you pay the exact bill cost per month.

Let us know if you wish to do this.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi i will stay on the £217 a month even though I said i only wanted to pay a max £200, like just about every household in the country will be making an effort to reduce the gas and electricity we use, and because £200 may or may not be enough my parents are happy to help out, and as soon as i can i will be moving to a new province.
Jeff Fishburn

Hi Jeff :wave:

I can see your monthly payments have now been set to £218 a month for you and this will come into effect from May. If there is anything else we can help with please let us know below :point_down:

All the best,