Upcoming: More comparison charts showing Trustpilot and Fuelmix charts

We do things differently. And we like to prove it. If you’ve looked at our homepage in the last year or so, you will probably have noticed the live chart that shows exactly where we stand compared to other tariffs.

We show this chart to give transparency so that prospective members can gain confidence in this somewhat unusual energy supplier. And also so that our members can hold us accountable to the promises we make.

Well, we want to do more. We think it would be useful for us to have live charts showing how we compare to all other energy suppliers in both greenness and customer service too. So we’re building charts that automatically pull data on suppliers fuel mixes and their Trustpilot ratings.

Here’s a link to the project on our Open Roadmap - https://trello.com/c/2gjuuQZC/39-more-comparison-charts-showing-trustpilot-and-fuelmix-charts-📊