Upcoming Solar Panel Install - But smart meter not showing Export


Hopefully someone can help.

I have an upcoming solar installation, I was checking the criteria for the SEG and it would appear my “old” British Gas SMETS I smart meter (Landi+Gyr E470) doesn’t show a counter for export data. (I have followed the Bulb instructions, and others I found “googling”, but it’s just missing when it cycles through).

Is this something that will “appear” once I start exporting, or is it a case that my Smart Meter just won’t show this information (and if this is the case does this mean I cannot be paid for the exported data?).

Anyone been in the same situation before and know the answer please?



Hey @MadAsToast Welcome to our community :wave:

I hope you are looking forward to your solar install but we apologise for the issues getting the reads.

Once you sign up to the exporting this should occur on your meter but in some cases it can appear on your meter prior, Just out of curiosity did you use this link to export reading assistance to try and get a reading?

Let us know and we can raise with our solar team.

–Carl :wave:


Yes I followed the guide, once it’s commissioned it “might” appear but I’ll not know until tomorrow. If the data doesn’t become available how can I sign up to the SEG as I won’t have access to the export data?

Are you upgrading smart meters to support this information?


Hi @Carl_at_Bulb I’m now up and running (just waiting on the certificates) can you please raise this with your solar team as it appears my “older” SMETS1 smart meter won’t show the export data, I believe I can provide this data from the Inverter (again this will be provided once I get the certificates and the access codes), but the sign up explicitly states that this needs to come from the meter?

Appreciate it if you can advise?

Thanks Chris