Update Card Details?

I got an email to update my debit card details, but when I go to the Payment Method section of my account there only appears to be an option to switch to direct debit, which I definitely don’t want.


You can’t any more, payment by card has been deprecated for quite some time. Once the card details expire you can’t change them, it’s direct debit only from now on. If you don’t want that, you’ll have to switch supplier.

Thanks, I’ll have a shop around for another supplier and see what’s out there. Very odd, as I obviously done a community search first and a couple of replies from Bulb to similar posts were saying DD is old-fashioned and they don’t encourage it! I wonder what changed their minds to the point of making it mandatory?

Direct debit is significantly cheaper than the fee on card payments.

Was it Bulb or another customer who said that DD was old fashioned. Are you able to point to one of the threads saying this?