Update Meters Bulb

I have a smart meter installed by Scottish Power but have been a bulb customer for past 3 years. My smart meters have never been updated by Bulb and I now need this to happen in order to track my usage. Anyone know how to make this happen as Bulb don’t seem capable of responding to request.

Unfortunately it’s a dcc issue. Bulb can’t do anything about it (as usual)

Thanks, Andy, figured as much.

Hi @nelis63547 :wave:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.

I can see that your electricity meter is sending us smart meter readings with the most recent being on 25/04. As you do not have a smart gas meter we would not have these automatically sent to us.

You can view your electricity usage in your bulb account via the app to see your usage breakdown.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

Luke, the question was about having my smart meter updated with the Bulb tariffs that came into effect on 1 April. I know Bulb can get meter readings and I can track useage in the Bulb app but this is historical and I need the tariffs active on the smart meter so that I can track in real time.
This request was also sent to your customer service team an I have’nt had any response.