Update on SmartThings Energy Control Service

Hello, I’m writing from Chameleon, the company that manufactures the In-Home Displays (IHDs) that Bulb supply, which can connect to the SmartThings Energy Control app.

Over the weekend, some Bulb members tried to pair their IHDs to their SmartThings Energy Control app but were unsuccessful. Others who could pair their devices experienced a lag when trying to view their energy data within the app. We would like to apologise for this and assure the community that we’re working on a fix for all the affected members.

Over the next week, we’ll be releasing software updates which should allow better pairing, improved performance for all members and specifically improve the experience of viewing your gas usage data. As the fixes are released we will keep everyone updated here.

Many Bulb members have already started using the SmartThings Energy Control app. The App is a new tool to help members see their energy usage on their smartphones and make smarter, greener decisions at home. You can find out how to pair your app in the help centre.


Thanks for the update! That’s reassuring. Are you issuing new firmware to the IHDs or is this just an update to the Smart Things Gadget?

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Hi Dan42, the post relates specifically to the SmartThings Energy Control service however we expect to be making an announcement on firmware updates to devices shortly.

My Smartthings App worked for the first time this morning and it is very effective. I can see my gas and electricity usage in almost real-time. The data is recorded and the App generates graphs from this data.
I can’t find a way to download the data for my own records. Will this be possible in future updates?

Mine shows electricity data but says no gas data.

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I just tried pairing but my IHD3 does not offer me any way to connect to the network so fails a first hurdle. This suggests an IHD firmware problem, if so how do I get an update? Hard to see how this can be done without a network connection so maybe need an IHD that works? This one has been pretty crap since the outset. At the moment I wish I had never switched.

Do you not have the WiFi option in the settings?

No I do not have wifi settings in settings menu

You must have one of the first IHD’s Bulb rolled out.

Worth a call to ask them if they can replace the device with a CAD version.

OK thanks, I’ll do that

Hi Dan42,

Please see below post about firmware upgrades.

how about you actually give me (and many others) an IHD that actually works? Mine has never worked properly showing errors with the electricity data. I spent hours on the phone to Bulb, I gave up. The IHD just does not work.

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They are rolling out a firmware update to help people with electricity data issues (Issues that are caused by other devices not the IHD).

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What are the ‘other devices’ please?

And how long is the ‘next few weeks’?
My IHD has been installed with my Smartmeters since the beginning of April 2019… a bit like the Brexit saga…

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Hi Silicon_Chipper_2,

Other devices within the smart metering system would be things such as the electricity meter, gas meter, communications hub, the DCC Adaptor.

The upgrade that the post above relates to will be delivered in batches to those IHD’s that are connected to WiFi. The update has already been delivered to thousands of devices and will continue to be rolled out until all connected devices are upgraded.

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I am still unable to see any Gas data on the SmartThings app but I can on my IHD. When will I be able to see gas usage in my Android app?

Great to see the bulb integration with Smartthings!

As with some others, I too see the electricity data, but no gas data currently in my app.

Same here,electricity only,gas data unavailable.

Can anyone tell me what the latest firmware or software update version is please so I can compare when booting up ihd. Having all the same problems as everyone else. Thanks