Update on the smart export guarantee

I signed up for the SEG on the 10th January and received an automatic reply saying that Bulb hope to be in touch within two weeks.

I’ve heard nothing as yet and was wondering if anybody else has had a successful sign up and is being paid for generation yet?

Apparently my registration has now been approved however manual readings will need to be provided each quarter for the foreseeable future.

The Smart Export Guarantee requires that you have a smart meter but there are currently technical difficulties in reading the export automatically.
Whilst my gas and electricity import are now being read successfully by bulb the export readings are a distinct flow of information. I gather that this is because you can use a different company to pay for the export if you wish and therefore keeps the data streams separate for data protection purposes.

I will try help as much as possible, though I’m not a Bulb Staff member. We have Solar and FIT, though this is the old government FIT with a assumed 50% export payment and no requirement for a smart meter which tracks our export.

With the Smart Export Guarantee you will definitely need to make sure your smart meter is tracking and can show you your exported kWh. This is essential, as I’m sure you are aware.

  • Firstly what Brand and model Electricity Smart Meter do you have?

  • Do you know if it’s SMETS1 or SMETS2? Not all SMETS1 meters record export.

  • Was your smart meter installed by Bulb?

  • What does your Bulb Dashboard show? Are you seeing daily “Smart” meter readings?

This is correct. My personal concern here is Bulb’s ability (or lack there of) to read Smart Meters, especially SMETS2 meters. Both for Import and Export. Don’t worry the SMETS2 meters Bulb have installed are themselves working fine, but Bulb have had a lot of issues reading many of them. I’ve seen them place a lot of blame on the DCC, but I’m less convinced and believe it’s their internal systems which are to blame.

In this case, you MAY need to use either your IHD or check the Smart Meter itself to submit either/both your Import or Export Meter readings.

For us, we supply FIT Generation readings every quarter. Though this may be different for you.

I’m less sure about this, I know that Octopus and the Octopus Outgoing require you to have your electricity with them.

The details of my smart meter are in this post and yes they were installed by Bulb.

I do not get daily “Smart” readings in my dashboard, but have been getting a couple of readings at the beginning of each month. I gave permission for regular readings so I’m not sure why they don’t show up.

I think it’s easier for suppliers to deal with both import and export at the moment, but I believe the SEG specifies that they can be handled separately so that customers can use different suppliers in the same way that they are entitled to use different ones for gas and electricity.

I’m seeing the following SMETS2 Landis & Gyr smart meters:

  • E470-5394
  • E470-5424

But there also appears to be a SMETS1 Landis & Gyr meter:

  • E470

As listed here: Technical information on Smart Meters: Smart Metering - The full story

I’m assuming as yours was installed on the 1st October 2019 it would be one of the SMETS2 variants.

Are these listed as Input type: Smart?

If they are, then it confirms that Bulb’s systems have access to your meter. They should be able to provide at least daily readings and a daily graph. Don’t think Bulb’s system is capable of showing 30 min readings yet.

I think it would be best to give Bulb a call and try ask why you’re not seeing daily readings yet.

As for the export. As long as you have access to the readings through the IHD or smart meter, then you should be fine as you can manually supply Bulb with these readings when they require them. Though obviously Bulb should be able to take these readings automatically as well. But then again Bulb never seem to be able to do anything quite correctly without a million calls to their support, so you may just have to supply manual export readings for the foreseeable future.


I’ve searched the forums and this seems to be the most relevant thread to my issues. Please can you help!

I have a landis+gyr e470 and have tried following the instructions on this page - How to take an export reading from a smart meter, but cannot get the export reading to display. I’ve tried several times and even roped in my teenage son, so I’m pretty sure it’s not working.

Does anyone else have experience of taking an export reading from this type of meter?