Update on Trees

Hello again Bulb team.

Firstly, I love trees. I just had to get that out there.

I noticed earlier however that the Bulb Homepage currently states that for each member who switches (presumably each member who joins, so inclusive of new builds…?), you send £2 to Trees for Cities.

You used to give £10 or £5 to The Tree Council (from this post in 2016) or was that just for the MSE switches?

Any chance of an update on how much has been donated to each organisation?

Hi again @mowcius.

That is true. For every new member so far this year, we’ve donated £2 to trees for cities. At last check, we were around the £350,000 mark!

The Tree Council relationship was specific to the MSE collective switch at that point. The total figure we donated was around £10000, based on the number of switches we received through that collective switch.

Hope that answers your question.


Hi @Sam_Bulb, thanks for the response.

Great to hear that the donations have been going so well!