Update usage monitor to use current tariff

I just got my smart meter usage monitor out of a draw and set it up today. It seems to be wirelessly connected to the meter and to the internet. I notice though that it is using my old provider’s tariff rates. How do I update it to use my current Bulb tariff?
Thanks, Jim

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Hello @jim93,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out on Community.

I’ve requested a reboot of your IHD to update the information showing on it, this should start to show the correct tariff details in the next 48 hours. If there’s no improvement in this time, feel free to pop me a reply here and we’ll take another look at this.


Hi Freya_at_Bulb,
I set that thing up a couple of years ago when I joined Bulb, but at the time, I gave up trying to set the rates, and did not know they are set from HQ. I have just joined the community. Do you need anything (like the MAC address) to reset mine? Please do so if you can do that remotely.

@GerryP I’ve replied to you on another thread about your rates! :blush:

Hi Holly, thank you for replying on the other thread. Much appreciated.