**Update your In-Home Display to fix the intermittent ‘waiting for data’ issue**

Hello, I’m writing from Chameleon Technology, the company that manufactures the In-Home Displays (IHDs) that Bulb supply when they install your smart meter.

We’ve been working closely with Bulb to develop an update for your IHD to fix the recent issue some members are having, when their IHD intermittently shows ‘waiting for data’ instead of displaying their electricity usage constantly.

If you connect your IHD to Wi-Fi, you’ll receive this fix automatically over the next few weeks.

Here’s how to connect your IHD to Wi-Fi

The cause of this recent problem lies within the smart-metering network, not your IHD. But we think this software update should be a workaround for the problem.

There are two main models of IHD, the IHD3 and the IHD6. The easiest way to tell them apart is by the colour. If you have a black IHD, it’s an IHD3. If your IHD is white, it’s an IHD6.

Here’s how to check that you’re on the latest version of the software:

Black IHD3:

Press OK

Press the right Arrow until you see IHD Information and press OK

Press the right Arrow twice until you see the Zigbee Version

Once your IHD is upgraded, it will read Zigbee Version 2.5.0

White IHD6

Press the Menu button in the bottom right corner

Select IHD Info

Once your IHD is upgraded, it will read IHD6 – CAD – PPMID 1.4 CAD 1.9


Thanks. This is great news. I look forward to a stable and reliable IHD.

Why not allow users to install the patch manually via USB?

You posted before that the update would show CAD 1.9.2. Now you are saying it should show CAD 1.9 after the update.
Which is correct?
I think my IHD has always shown CAD 1.9 since it was installed.

Hi Bill6768

The IHD will show IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.4 CAD 1.9 on the screen once updated rather than 1.9.2. Unfortunately there was a slight error when posting the original message.

Most IHD6 devices will have been installed with IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.0 CAD 1.6 or IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.1 CAD 1.7.

I would like to know why you are installing out of date software/kit? mine still isn’t showing energy usage gas or electricity despite all the advice, switching on/off etc.I would like you to send Siemens back to my house to reinstall an up to date working smart meter, the one installed is cheap rubbish.

How long exactly should be have to wait for the upgrade? My black IHD is only showing gas info, but is wifi connected (as of 2 days ago) and showing Zigbee v2.2. For the first 4 months, the IHD just showed ‘waiting for data’, and suddenly started showing gas data about 2 weeks ago, but nothing at all for electric.

My IHD3 has been connected to WiFi for a while now and still on old Zigbee version. Does the update get pushed to the device or is there a way to force the IHD to check for a firmware upgrade?


Still no update of my IHD (V3), which is frustrating as my IHD has never erally worked correctly. Is this yet another IHD thing that does not quite work? The Smart things App does not work either (will not send keywords). And yes it is connected to the WIFI and yes my network can see it.

Why not allow users to download baptch and update via USB?

** Update **

As stated in the original post Chameleon Technology are going through a process of upgrading devices, that are connected to WiFi, to the latest versions of firmware. This upgrade is expected to improve the experience of members that have seen intermittent connection to either one or both fuels on their In Home Display.

The upgrade will workaround a known issue that is seen elsewhere in the smart metering system and is not a fault in the IHD itself.

At this point the majority of IHD6 devices that are installed and connected to WiFi have been upgraded to the latest firmware version.

Chameleon have also started small scale updates of the IHD3 devices. It is our intention to continue these updates throughout this week with a view to significantly increasing the amount of IHD3 devices that are upgraded next week.


Is this the update for IHD3 Bulb promised months ago?

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I have messaged bulb a few times but am yet to receive a response then came across this thread today. My display hasn’t worked for weeks. It’s continually rebooting itself every minute or so. It’s displaying no information. That makes me unsure whether it will be online for long enough to receive an update. It literally has a WiFi connection established for seconds before rebooting itself again. Not to mention the fact that since my smart meter was installed I haven’t had a statement from bulb and latest readings I’ve noticed have been estimates. I’m really regretting switching to bulb because of their lack of customer service and I regret getting a smart meter because it isn’t smart at all.

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So the big question, given I had my SmartMeter in March and my IHD works intermittently, how come I have an IHD3 and not and IHD6, and how come upgrade of IHD3 seems to be low priority?

‘Chameleon have also started small scale updates of the IHD3 devices. It is our intention to continue these updates throughout this week with a view to significantly increasing the amount of IHD3 devices that are upgraded next week’

I also have an IHD3 the smart meters were installed June this year. Please tell me why I have an IHD 3 model and not a IHD6.
Is this smart meters so bad that it has had to have 3 versions of IHD since June. I suggest that all Bulbs customers should be sent the latest IHD6 with the software updated.
This has been a shambles where I have spent so much time resetting your IHD writing emails, hanging on the phone not getting an answer. If this isn’t fixed completely by the end of the month I am off to another suppler, my son did just that last month. Come on Bulb do the right thing.

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Same story here Simon. Meters installed in April and at that time IHD showed gas only… gone from bad to worse wth intermittent bursts of gas only life… today it is showing 000 gas used each day but seems to show historic total for yesterday, 5th,4th, 3rd etc although some with and without kWh figure. Last week it showed nothing at all but 23oct to 30th Oct, gas seemed to work today also the WiFi indicator keeps going on and off…, Looking at it now WiFi is steady 3bars, umbrella signal from meter is two blobs… IHD is against wall to meter but during the 6 months it has often worked wellish!!! In the hall midway between gas and electric meters which are about 9 meters apart… why does everything keep changing from day to day and week to week. Do they read this? This behaviour is really unforgivable…
Why do bulb no longer reply or even acknowledge e-mails?

It’s the IHD6 that I have and I can confirm that it’s rubbish. Although it does seem that it’s the smart meter system itself that is rubbish too. Haven’t had a statement since it was installed in July. Nothing has been deducted from my balance since then so it looks like I’ve hundreds of pound credit when I obviously don’t. I’ve no idea what my usage has been. I really hope they get round to responding to my emails soon or I’ll be moving supplier too.

I have moved to a new supplier now (e.on) , so will I still get the software update?

My display is a black IHD3 running Zigbee Version 2.2.0 and has not worked properly since installation in April. It briefly displayed gas readings and no electricity and now does does not display any readings and the clock does not even display the time.

It restarts every few minutes, so will the software update be able to be installed in the short period of time between restarts? It’s connected to WiFi.


I must say that I will never return to Bulb as my energy supplier, having been told lies by their staff. I phoned some time ago and was told that they would send out a replacement IHD. When I phoned again a few weeks later to chase up where it was I was told that there was a delay in getting them sent out. I then phoned again yesterday and was told that there was no record of my previous conversations regarding the replacement IHD on my account and that they did not send out replacement IHDs and that I’d need to wait for the software update to fix my IHD problems.

I also had major problems trying to get a refund of the large amount of credit on my account on my account when I switched away from them. Fobbed off with excuses every time I called, until finally yesterday the person I spoke to actually sorted it out.

I also certainly won’t be recommending Bulb to anyone else. It’s been a very frustrating experience dealing with them all along. They clearly are not coping with the volume of customers and are making things up to get customers off the phone. It’s disappointing as I thought they seemed like a company that cared.

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I have some feedback on Firmware 2.5 on my IHD3.

Since it was installed the IHD is rock solid with no loss of data at all. Previously it would lose data every few days.

There is just one bug I noticed (I think it is a bug). At midnight the display switches itself off and goes dark and can only be reawakened by pressing a key. The previous firmware didn’t do that. At least it’s an energy saving bug!


I think that is one of the setup options ‘night mode’ perhaps to darken the display overnight… I tried it and it worked once but no longer!

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