Updating account

Why does it take so long to update payments online. I made a payment week ago after accidentally deleting direct debit but it is still showing that I owe the money even though I received email saying payment received. I also set up direct debit again at same time. That has been done.

Hi @kerensmum

When you update your payments online, we need to get in touch with your bank to set up a new direct debit mandate. This process can take up to 10 working days. I can see a new direct debit was requested on the 20th of January.

As your payment date is the 23rd, we won’t have taken payment in January.

Hmm, yes I can see that we sent you a confirmation email to say we’d be taking payment on the 23rd once you requested a top up. Because you made this payment before your new card details were set up, this did not go through.

If you would like, I can make a top-up payment for you. You will not need an active direct debit for this to happen. Let me know and I’ll get this sorted.

Sorry for any confusion.