Updating consumer unit - new wire run


I have an old consumer unit which has the old fuses and flip switches instead of the newer RCDs. My electrician is saying as the meter and old consumer unit do not have a control switch in the middle and not enough wire is left, he needs to run a new wire from the meter and needs the seal on the meter to be broken. Is this allowed or will bulb actually come out to install the control switch and re-seal the meter it self?


Firstly, if your electrician doesn’t know the standard procedure for dealing with seals on the meter and supplier cut-out fuse, then get a new electrician! This is basic stuff. Your electrician is NOT allowed to break the seals. You’re possibly dealing with someone that has completed a 5-day course and now calls themselves an “electrician”. They’re possibly ok for simple stuff like changing a light switch but certainly shouldn’t be let anywhere near a consumer unit replacement. Check their credentials and find someone actually competent.

What you need is a double-pole isolator switch installed in the “tails” (i.e., the cables) between your meter and your existing consumer unit. You have two approaches for this. Either you can contact Bulb customer service and they can arrange it for you, or you can directly contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to do the job. For example, if you were in the region controlled by Western Power Distribution (WPD) the cost would be £172.43 + VAT and it typically takes around 3 weeks. The price for Bulb to do the work may be different.

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