Updating the national database

Thank you @Daisy_at_Bulb, @luke_at_bulb, Paulina and Luke-RD :slight_smile:

After numerous rejections with Xoserve - I can finally see it’s been updated today. Wow that took forever - the main advice to other members correcting the address is to confirm with the Energy Specialists at Bulb that the address is the exact same as per the Royal Mail PAF format. Having plot references with a fixed postcode will not get accepted it seems.

I will now update the complaint with British Gas and see if they will now resume our switch and if not, we will be at Bulb still. I would have hoped Bulb was able to commission the meters but without Bulb getting hold of the British Gas security credentials - the only way of getting our gas meter and IHD commissioned was to go back to them.

I am sure we will back soon once Bulb accept new customers again - they had the same rates as Bulb when we signed up two months ago - if British Gas accept the same tariff or not will be questionable after this energy crisis debacle. If they decline, then we will stay and switch over at more convenient time in the energy market.

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Thanks. I have emailed you separately.