Upgrade communications hub SKU1 to SKU2


Bulb installed smart meter with SKU1 communications hub for my flat. However it has never managed to connect to the smart meter network.

I have noticed that neighbours got SKU2 communications hub and it does have mesh capability and connects to the smart meter network.

How can I request to upgrade from SKU1 to SKU2 please? I think with SKU2 communications hub I will finally be able to use my smart meter.

Hi @xnox,

Welcome back to Bulb’s community!

Unfortunately we can’t change the comms hub on a meter, as it’s something which is inbuilt into the actual meter itself. We can look at rebooting this for you though to get this back on the smart network, I’ve dropped you an email with more information.

Let me know if you have any more questions and thanks a lot,

Freya @ Bulb