Upgrading isolator switch

I need my isolator switch upgraded to accommodate an ev charger install. Reading other forums it seems ovo will do it for £60. Bulb customer services just quoted £120. They did say if I move provider another provider might do it for free. Any suggestions on what providers might offer a free isolator switch upgrade?

When I had my smart meter installed with Scottish Power, the contractor (Providor) installed a double-pole isolator for free. However, I was told by the engineer that they don’t do it as standard procedure but they do carry them on the van ready for if a customer specifically requestions one. It was very much a case of if you don’t ask you don’t get!

I don’t think Scottish Power would have done it for free if it weren’t part of a meter change, though. I can’t comment on other suppliers.

What EV installer is demanding that an isolator is installed? Usually they either pull the cutout fuse themselves (illegally breaking the seal) or they make the necessary arrangements with your DNO you have them pull, reinstall, and reseal as required. When Pod Point did mine I’d already had the isolator installed, so I’m not sure what they specifically would have done.

If you haven’t got an isolator you’ll probably find you need your meter tails upgrading to 25mm^2 as well, and maybe also the bonding upgrading.

Currently have an 100a isolator but single pole. Installer is homecharge.

Pretty sure mine pulled the fuse…

"That isolation switch is single pole and not suitable for our use so would need upgrading. "

I’d find a different installer.