Ups and downs prices, stuff.

When prices go up, and things seem not to be put right, the best thing I find is to do the rounds for quotes, look at other power companies see reports and so on and if you find better go for it, at least no exit fee…Nothing is perfect never will be…Of-course have a chat with bulb and maybe things get put right… Yes my price has gone up, so have all prices at other companies, and I will certainly be monitoring everything in out round about.
For me I’ll stick with bulb and see how it all goes, this will be my second year.

Just approaching my first anniversary, and I see no compelling reason to change.

I am slightly older as I passed the one year a couple of weeks back. I think some members have jumped ship too quickly (maybe not) as some companies probably have still to raise their prices so some utility companies will appear cheaper in the short term.
I think it is a game of poker with the utility companies.

To continue the analogy - if you’ve got a good hand, don’t fold and start again. :wink:

Thank you all for your comments, and I do agree with all what you say. I never had any big trouble with bulb, anything I want to get clear I have a chat with them…To put it this way…
People use to say “how is your car going” and I replied “I have no trouble at all” they would say “but you are always under the bonnet” I would reply “there you go, that’s why my car always goes well”
Bulb is OK so far for me also, Ill just keep my head under the bonnet…(wish I had a smiley face to put on here)


Have these smiley faces on me: =) =) =) =)