Upset and disappointed

Today bulb took £56 from my bank account after we agreed to reduce my payment due to £20 for the next month or 2 until the coronavirus issue was over and my finances were more secure. My account was £277 in credit… so I was not in any danger of falling into debt… I plan to raise a formal complaint but i’m so disappoint in bulb as their communications said one thing but they went ahead and took money from my account. :face_with_head_bandage:

I assume you had a verbal agreement with Bulb which they failed to action, better to go in to your account and reduce the payment yourself.

Hi @Shonaxox,

I’m sorry this payment left your account if you had agreed another amount with a colleague of mine.

If you agreed this by email I would suggest getting in touch with the person you spoke to and they can raise this as a complaint for you and issue a refund if you have enough credit to cover your usage at the moment

Otherwise you can talk to one of my colleagues through live chat in your Bulb account or contact us at

Just take £150 of your credit back