Urgent help

I have a few problems with my new account;

  1. After 6 weeks, Bulb still hasn’t sent meter readings to my old supplier so I can close the account. I’m owed money.
  2. For some bizarre reason, my account has been called “Weybridge Trading”. Never heard of this company & I’m in a private address.
  3. The meter readings in my bulb account are clearly wrong, as I tried to input new ones this morning and the readings are LESS than the ones recorded in my account.

So far Bulb has been dreadful. The worse energy supplier I’ve ever been with.


On point 1. The readings from your old supplier go to a 3rd party for verification and then passed on, this applies to all utility companies and can take around 6 weeks to confirm.

@GrahamF, I’d give Bulb a ring if I were you (0300 30 30 635) as it could be that the meter database for the address you provided has caused the wrong meters to be switched over.

As @scudo says though, it can sometimes take up to 6 weeks after your switch date for your previous supplier to issue your final bill due to the verificiation delays.

Called them today, and there is a meter reading discrepancy, due to a smart meter being installed last year, however Bulb have agreed the mistake is their end & possibly with EDF. This may be holding up closure of account by EDF. I’m thinking this will be a drama to resolve.
Address issue: Bulb have admitted mistake & will hopefully rectify.

I’ll reserve judgement of bulb until I get this resolved

Thanks for replies

@mowcius and @scudo thanks for helping @GrahamF out here, whilst we made our way to it. @GrahamF please do let us know if there is anything else we can do. Owen