URGENT: no gas and changed from PP meter!

I’ve recently changed from Utilita - a prepayment meter that was there when I moved there to Bulb. Bulb says they would handle the full switch. However, my gas has turned off and says its over emergency credit limit. I’m not topping up a meter with Utilita that I don’t pay for as I pay direct debit and frankly I can’t afford to top it up. I need my gas meter sorted immediately as have no heating and hot water. However, the phone line is only open weekdays and it’s now the weekend! Tried emergency numbers and all says Bulb need to sort the fault but how am I supposed to get them this weekend! Tried emailing and online chat today and no answer! Someone please help me. I can’t have no gas for a full weekend.

Could you clarify the above please. Do you have a prepayment meter or not?

I had a prepayment meter with the previous supplier. Bulb says they would sort the change to a normal direct debit type meter. However, I don’t think bulb have changed my gas or there is a fault in the meter.

So was previously a prepayment meter and should now be a credit meter

Confusion reigns, if this is the old type PP meter(key/card) it obviously can’t be switched to credit meter, however Utilita usually change these to smets 1 prepay, top up online etc. These should become credit meters the night before the switch. At the risk of jumping to erroneous conclusions, I would say these are the old key/card meters, which would explain the use of "emergency"credit. If they are smets 1-2 the switch has not gone through correctly(surprise surprise) Seems to be a common problem with elec switching OK but gas not switching. Think you will need to beg, borrow or steal a £10 until bulb can sort it out.

My guess is that this is a SMETS1 smart meter in prepayment mode, and Utilita were supposed to reconfigure it to credit mode before handing it over. This will be another case where that hasn’t happened, and now Bulb can’t communicate with it so the only solution will be another emergency meter swap.

I really can’t recommend anyone with prepayment meters ever changes supplier, so many things go wrong. If they do insist on switching to Bulb as a prepayment customer, for the love of $deity make sure you start the switch to do it on the right day to ensure the actual switch date will be a Monday!

Smart meter prepayment switches are often more complicated than traditional pre pay switches. But from what I’ve seen, if you switch with anything other than a pair of traditional credit meters you’re much more likely to have problems. The whole smart meter debacle was badly rushed from the start. But like any large government infrastructure project it didn’t come in on time, on budget and fully working.

Yeah it’s an online prepayment meter. Thanks for advice but no one is helping with how I get it sorted over the weekend as I have no gas. And the change was made a few weeks ago so was on a weekday I had everything sorted and was assured there would be no issues so is not my issue it is Bulb. I just need help on how to get in contact with someone to fix it.

Even traditional prepayment meters have problems switching. How often do we see on here issues where the new key hasn’t been sent out in time, or the key doesn’t work, or some other issue that means a customer can’t top up? Several a week I’d say. It’s fraught with trouble, particularly so for those that end up with a weekend switch date.

If your switch date was a few weeks ago, does that mean the meter has been operating in credit mode for those few weeks and has only now cut off? I’m confused.

If the meter has never been in credit mode and has remained in prepayment mode since your switch date then that is a fault of Utilita, not Bulb, because they were supposed to reconfigure it before handing over the meter to the new supplier. However, the issue now is that it is now Bulb’s problem and they can’t communicate with the meter or do anything about it. An emergency meter swap is needed, similar to another previous thread on this forum recently.