As asked previously, please could someone urgently cancel the electricity set up for tanner brow, as this is not my property. I phoned yesterday and was told that this had been done, but I received a welcome pack saying that electric will be set up for the incorrect property via email last night. I am very worried about this being set up incorrectly. Please could someone give me some advice and ensure that my phone call from yesterday had been acted upon! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi @Anyak1 ,

As this is a community forum, we (as just other Bulb customers) won’t be able to help you - you’ll need to email ( help@bulb.co.uk ) or call Bulb directly (as you’ve done). The welcome email may have been queued to be sent before you spoke to Bulb (or it may have been sent afterwards, but before the cancellation worked its way through the system).

Hi @Anyak1 I can confirm this has been acted on, and that the switch at that property has been cancelled =)