Usability / programming issues with the Bulb App to submit meter readings

I have just used the Bulb app on my ipda. But it proved to be worse than useless - or is there usability issue - a missing link - or something else…

First of all I decided to take my gas reading it was too dark in the cupboard to get the picture so I had get a torch - and then it locked nto the digits nd recognised them correctly. So far so good.

Then I needed to enter my electricity reading - this I could do without a torch. But there was no link from the gas reading o give the electricity reading.

I had come out of the app and enter my logn details - then go to my email client to pick up the approval login link - then, at last, I could do my electricity reading.

Frankly it’s quicker to do it the old way - what shame shame it was such a good idea.

@malcolm8152 thanks for getting in touch with us and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve encountered some frustration when using the mobile app. The app should keep itself signed into your account so that you can enter both readings without having to log in multiple times.

I’ll pass the issue onto the tech team to see if they can find any errors and fix them for the future. If you do encounter the same problem next time around, you can send some feedback through the mobile app. It will send it straight to the tech team :). We want to make the whole experience as seamless as possible.