Usage £850 in 12 months WHY are you saying my average monthly use is £114?

Here we go again Trevor sorted this see previous posts now EVERY DAY my monthly usage is increasing ??? If it was £114 a month I would have used £1368 ??? Also I’m £200 in credit , the answer before was “the industry” ( who the **** they are?) had worked my usage out too high , well guess what? It’s done it again !! Sort it please once and for all , see my summer usage too which is v low as I won’t be using storage heaters , no wonder you advertising for staff thy must be walking out in droves

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Hi @casinoang,

Thanks for your post.

I’ve taken a look through your account, and I can’t see where the £114 figure is coming from. I can see your monthly payments are set to less than that, and our suggested payment amount is also significantly less than that.

If you could please let me know where you’re seeing that figure so I can look into it that would be really helpful.

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Hi it’s on payments and statements showing monthly usage is £114 suggested payment £84 my problem is multiply £114 by 12 that comes to £1368 per annum and from may 2020 - may2021 I’ve used £850 which would be approx £70 monthly useage NOT £114 PLUS I’m £213 in credit
Trevor last week set it right and overnight it’s jumped back to a stupid high figure . Read my previous posts please . Thank you

Hi @casinoang :wave:

I have taken a look through the payments and statements section of your Bulb Account and can’t see any payment figures relating to £114. As you’ve mentioned, your account is in credit, so the suggested payment amount is now much lower.

All estimated meter readings and estimated annual consumption figures, are based on the historical energy usage of your property. The more meter readings received from that property, the more accurate those estimated readings (and in turn, the suggested payment amounts) are likely to be.

You are submitting meter readings every month, which is great, so we will only ever charge you for what you have actually used and the estimates will become increasingly accurate.


I cannot believe this response ( standard obviously ) it’s NOT based on my annual usage because my annual usage is £850 please look at not my statements but the wording “average monthly usage£114” HOW CAN IT BE ?? mathematically it should be average monthly usage is £70 2 people dealing with this Georgie and you and still not understanding my point , how do I escalate as complaint please ?

Hey @casinoang

I’ve replied to you on the other thread about this! Let me know there if you have any questions.